Capital Projects Information

Contract Name: Contract MNIU
Advertised Date: 11/4/2018
The Upper Occoquan Service Authority (UOSA), the Owner, invites qualified contractors to submit sealed Bids for the project known as “Manassas Northside Interceptor Upgrade,” and also by the name “Contract MNIU.” The Work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of approximately 2,167-feet of new 21-inch diameter PVC gravity sewer and associated appurtenances, construction of approximately 179-feet of new 15-inch diameter PVC sewer, construction of approximately 422 feet of new 24-inch diameter PVC sewer, and replacement of 8-inch diameter sewer lines from several buildings. The work includes the installation of approximately 310-feet of 10-inch diameter Thread-Liner slip liner into an existing 15-inch diameter ACP sewer, the demolition of metering system MS-7A, installation of a new 15-inch PVC sewer at MS-7A, and 2 stream crossings. A complete description of the Work can be found in the Contract Documents. Bids are due 2:00 PM, local time, on January 8, 2019 at UOSA’s Sellman Meeting Center (Building G), 14631 Compton Road, Centreville, VA 20121-2506, at which time they will be publically opened and read aloud. The Bidding Documents may be purchased on or after November 6, 2018 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, from the office of the Owner, UOSA. Interested Bidders should contact the front desk of the Owner’s Administration office at 703-830-2200 to make arrangements to purchase Contract Documents. The Invitation for Bid can be found at UOSA’s website: Address all questions regarding the Project to Mr. Jeff Small (email:
Solicitation Type: ITB
Plan Holders List: As of 12/21/2018
Bid Results:01/08/2019
Contract Award: NOIA
MNIU Questions from Official Bidding Document Holders December 20, 2018