Senior Staff

The following individuals are in charge of the day-to-day management and operations of UOSA:

Charles P. Boepple

Executive Director

Charles P. Boepple became UOSA’s Executive Director on March 1, 2006. Since joining UOSA in 1980, he has served in a variety of progressively more responsible roles. He initially served as a staff engineer where he provided engineering support to the organization and authored UOSA’s Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program. In 1985, he was appointed Project Officer for a $28 million plant expansion. In 1987, he became UOSA’s Engineering/Construction Manager, serving as the Project Manager for a $35 million plant expansion and several delivery system expansion projects. He was appointed Director of the Technical Services Division in 1995. In this capacity, Mr. Boepple served as the UOSA Project Manager for the design of a $200 million plant expansion, referred to as Contract 54, and subsequently as the Senior Project Manager for the construction of Contract 54. Mr. Boepple was promoted to the position of Deputy Executive Director in 2000, where he performed a wide variety of policy, managerial, technic al, and organizational tasks, and functioned as the Executive Director in the Executive Director’s absence. Mr. Boepple received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). He is a registered Professional Engineer.

Paulette E. Myers

Deputy Executive Director of Finance

Paulette E. Myers became UOSA’s Deputy Executive Director of Finance on January 9, 2017. Prior to joining UOSA on June 6, 2005 as Director of the Finance Division, Ms. Myers had worked since 1977 with Mobil Oil Corporation (ExxonMobil) in a variety of financial management positions. These positions included responsibilities for accounting, financial analysis, procurement and systems implementation. She has extensive experience as a Financial Manager in refineries and was a Regional Financial Manager for Mobil’s Midwest Downstream area, which included the Marketing and Distribution sectors. Ms. Myers worked at ExxonMobil Downstream Headquarters for her last seven years with the company, serving as a Manager for the U.S. implementation of an SAP system and then as a global coordinator and financial advisor for the company’s International and U.S. Downstream Business, responsible for a $2 billion capital budget. Ms. Myers holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from The College of New Jersey.

Robert W. Angelotti

Deputy Executive Director of Technical Services

Robert W. Angelotti became UOSA’s Deputy Executive Director of Technical Services on January 9, 2017. After working as a civil engineer for a land development consultant and as an instrument technician with an environmentally focused water quality laboratory Mr. Angelotti joined UOSA in 1985 as a staff engineer and served as UOSA’s Pretreatment Program and Regulatory Affairs Coordinators, Safety Officer, as well as I/I Abatement, Odor Control and Biosolids Program Managers. In 1989 he was promoted to become Systems Analysis Manager responsible for treatment plant and collection system process engineering, operations research and industrial computing networks contributing to the management of daily operations of the treatment plant. After serving in this capacity for eight years, he became Technical Support Group Manager overseeing all of UOSA’s engineering and IT efforts. In 2000, Mr. Angelotti was appointed Director of the Technical Services Division, was the Senior Project Manager for the Contract 54 expansion while overseeing and administering all other capital improvements, laboratory operations, acting as the chief information officer and directing UOSA’s business computing systems and process control engineering functions. Mr. Angelotti received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is a registered Professional Engineer and Certified Wastewater Operator in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has served on a number of state and national committees advancing the knowledge, practice and research of potable water reuse systems.

Brian L. Owsenek

Deputy Executive Director of Process and Maintenance

Brian L. Owsenek became UOSA’s Deputy Executive Director of Process and Maintenance on January 9, 2017. Mr. Owsenek joined UOSA in 1998, having previously been employed as an engineering consultant on Department of Defense water treatment research and development projects. Mr. Owsenek originally joined UOSA to support control systems integration associated with the Project 54 construction effort and was promoted to Deputy Director of Treatment Process Division in 2001. After twelve years as Deputy Director, he was promoted to Director of Treatment Process in 2013, where he was responsible for permit compliance, water resource recovery and the day–to–day activities of plant operations and process control. Mr. Owsenek received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and has a Class 1 Wastewater Works License, a Class 2 Waste Management Facility License, and a U.S. patent related to membrane processes for water treatment.

Robert C. Forgione

Director of Operation and Maintenance

Robert C. Forgione is the Director of UOSA’s Operations and Maintenance Division. Before joining UOSA, Mr. Forgione served twenty-two years as a sanitary design engineer for engineering consulting firms. His assignments included preparation of facility plans, sewage treatment research, design of wastewater treatment facilities, engineering services during construction, preparation of Operation and Maintenance manuals, and facility start-up service. Mr. Forgione joined UOSA as Manager of the Engineering/Construction Section in November 1995 where he served for three years. During this period he reviewed design plans for UOSA’s Contract 54 plant expansion, oversaw various services performed by section staff, and served as Project Manager for the first two years of Contract 54 construction work. He was appointed Director of the Operations and Maintenance Division at the start of 1999, overseeing and administering the day–to–day operation of the Authority’s maintenance staff and pump station operation st aff. Mr. Forgione holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and a Master of Engineering Degree in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College. He is a registered Professional Engineer.

Robert A. Canham, Jr.

Director of Treatment Process

Robert A. Canham, Jr. is the Director of UOSA’s Treatment Process Division. Prior to joining UOSA, Mr. Canham practiced Civil/Environmental engineering for ten years for an engineering consulting firm. His assignments included planning, design, construction, commissioning and operation and maintenance of public utility infrastructure. Mr. Canham has over twenty-three years’ experience in engineering and management of advanced wastewater treatment plants and water reclamation facilities for the public sector. Mr. Canham is an accomplished training instructor with twenty-five years’ experience in the water and wastewater industry at both the college and utility level. Mr. Canham joined UOSA in 2013 as the Deputy Director of the Treatment Process Division and was appointed the Division Director at the start of 2017 where he oversees staff in the Liquids, Solids, Process, Operations Support, Training and Administrative Departments. Mr. Canham earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech.