UOSA is governed by an eight-person Board of Directors consisting of two members appointed by the governing bodies of each Member Jurisdiction.

Routine Board Meetings are held within UOSA's Operations Center at 4:00 p.m. the third Thursday of every month, excluding the months of August and December.

Requests for meeting agendas and/or obtaining information on how to attend a board meeting, please contact the Executive Assistant by email or by phone at 703-830-2200 x1204.

SPECIAL WORK SESSION: UOSA is holding a public work session on July 21, 2021 from 2:00 until 5:00, in person and via an electronic meeting platform, to discuss its potential UOSA Service Agreement amendments. UOSA Board members are invited, along with individuals from UOSA`s member jurisdictions. Contact June Mahoney ( for additional information.

Board of Directors

Directors Jurisdiction Represented Occupation Serving Since Current Term Expiration
Shahram Mohsenin,

Ms. Eleanor Codding or Mr. Stacey Smalls
Fairfax County Director, Wastewater Planning & Monitoring Division, Fairfax County 2010 March 1, 2023
Calvin D. Farr, Jr.,

Don Pannell
Prince William County General Manager, Prince William County Service Authority (PWCSA) 2021 March 1, 2023
Jeanette M. Rishell,

Allan Rowley
City of Manassas Park Mayor, City of Manassas Park 2010 March 1, 2023
Gary Fields,

Allan Rowley
City of Manassas Park Director of Finance, City of College Park 2016 March 1, 2025
Tony H. Dawood

City of Manassas Utilities Director, City of Manassas 2019 March 1, 2023
Nancy Vehrs

Don Pannell
Prince William County Retired, Fairfax County Clerk 2016 March 1, 2025
Glenn Simpson

City of Manassas Finance Manager, City of Manassas Utilities 2020 March 1, 2025
Michael McGrath

Ms. Eleanor Codding or Mr. Stacey Smalls
Fairfax County Wastewater Treatment Division Director, Fairfax County 2020 March 1, 2025

Official Minutes

May 20, 2021 Board Meeting

April 15, 2021 Board Meeting

March 18, 2021 Board Meeting

January 21, 2021 Board Meeting

November 19, 2020 Board Meeting

October 15, 2020 Board Meeting