UOSA Access Regulations

Welcome to the Upper Occoquan Service Authority’s private property. It is our pleasure to allow you to fish on our land.

  • Public access to this land is restricted to the areas outside of the security fence and is open until dusk.
  • Public parking is restricted to the fisherman’s parking lot only.
  • The following are banned on UOSA grounds :
    • Wading / Swimming
    • Loitering
    • Boating
    • Alcohol
    • Firearms (BB, pellet and paintball guns, as well as bows, arrows, and spears)
    • Fishing Nets
    • Littering
    • Release of non-native species
    • Urination / Defecation
    • Burning objects / Open fires
    • Driving on grass or dirt surfaces.
  • Dogs are allowed on property BUT must be on a leash and must be cleaned up after before leaving the grounds.

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in a vehicle to be towed and/or prosecution.