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Public Access To UOSA Property

All UOSA facilities are considered to be sensitive and are therefore secured. This means that unauthorized access to our property is prohibited. Unauthorized entry inside our security fences is trespassing and such intruders will be subject to arrest and prosecution. That said, UOSA has set aside a limited area of the Water Reclamation Plant that is open to the public for fishing in the reservoir or other limited activities. This area is the open, grassy area along UOSA Pkwy between Compton Rd. and our main gate. It does NOT include the wooded areas adjoining this area. It also does not include any areas inside our security fences. Those areas are off-limits.

UOSA wants to protect the users of our property as well as our property and employees. Therefore, a number of regulations have been established governing this use. These regulations are linked on this page. Please review them before making use of our property. Fishing in Final Effluent Reservoir is permitted but only from shoreline of the above public area. UOSA has stocked and maintains the fishery in the reservoir as a public service. The fishing regulations and a map of the area are available at the links on this page.

Please note that a valid Virginia Fishing License is required to fish our waters. In addition, adults must obtain and possess a valid UOSA Fishing Permit. This permit may be obtained by filling out the UOSA Fishing Permit Application.

Please remember that UOSA is not a public park. We allow limited public use of property as a public service to the community. The safety and security of all concerned require that we regulate this use. We can only do so if you obey our regulations. Please help all concerned by doing so.

Finally, UOSA reserves the right to close these public areas and prohibit access whenever necessary to insure the safety of the community and/or the security of UOSA facilities.