UOSA Fishing Regulations

  • Access to the UOSA reservoir shall only be by the main plant entrance off of Compton Road.
  • All fishermen must have a valid Virginia Fishing License AND a valid UOSA Fishing Permit.
  • Fishermen shall comply with all state regulations AND with the following:
    • NO more than 5 fish per person can be taken on a given day.
    • Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish under 10 inches in length cannot be kept.
    • Sunfish, Bluegill, or similar pan fish under 6 inches in length cannot be kept.
    • Fishing is permitted only when the public grounds are open to the public.
    • Fishing is only allowed at the designated green shaded areas shown on the map.
    • NO fishing in the red shaded areas on the map.
    • NO snailing.
    • NO portable shelters
    • Fish nets are limited to landing nets.
    • Introduction of new species to the UOSA reservoir is strictly prohibited.
  • Fishermen may be subject to a mandatory inspection of their catches by any UOSA official.
  • UOSA reserves the right to close this property at any time for any period as necessary.

UOSA Fishing Permits can be obtained by filling out the UOSA Fishing Permit Application.

Your cooperation is appreciated to ensure an enjoyable visit on our property. If needed, UOSA can be reached any time by calling 703-830-2200.