UPDATED Shipping and Receiving

Normal receiving business hours are 7:30 am – 3:30 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Effective immediately for all incoming shipments to UOSA:
  1. The relevant Purchase Order number for items/services issued to any vendor shall be shown on all related invoices, delivery memoranda, bills of lading, packages and/or correspondence.
  2. Any shipment received from you or a third party that does not have an associated current and valid purchase order number documented on the bill of lading, delivery memorandum or marked on the outside of the package will be declined and returned to the sender.
  3. If an item is returned to sender the cost of the returned shipment as well as shipment of product correctly documented to UOSA shall be the sole responsibility of your organization. UOSA will not pay additional shipping charges for returned items.
  4. In the case of the item being late or returned due to lack of relevant required Purchase Order documentation, your company may be considered in default or as having failed to supply the items or services ordered. As such UOSA may, after due notice (either in writing or oral), cure the failure by procuring items from other sources and your organization will be responsible for any excess cost as a result of the re-procurement.
  5. UOSA will not pay shipping invoices directly to a third-party shipper. UOSA can only pay invoices to a party with whom we have an active Purchase Order. Any invoices from third party shippers will be returned to the shipper unpaid. Payment between your organization and third-party shippers is your responsibility. The third-party shipper is considered a subcontractor and all terms and conditions regarding subcontractors shall apply.
  6. UOSA will not pay additional pass through or mark ups for third-party shipping. UOSA is only responsible for actual shipping charges which shall be provided with your invoice for payment.
  7. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us using the contact information listed under Purchasing Department on our Contact Us page.
Last updated 4/3/2023

Shipments and deliveries outside of these hours must be pre-arranged. Please use the contact information listed under Shipping & Receiving or under Purchasing Department on our Contact Us page to pre-arrange out of normal hours deliveries.

Unless otherwise indicated, all deliveries should be brought to the loading dock on the west side of building S2.

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